Research Class: Augmented and virtual reality for developers, users, and students

Datum održavanja: 12. siječnja 2022. u 12:00 sati putem alata BigBlueButton
Predavač: Dr. Mikhail Fominykh, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway
Naziv predavanja: Augmented and virtual reality for developers, users, and students


In this introductory lecture, Dr. Fominykh will talk about the concepts of augmented and virtual reality, briefly covering their development in the past, their state at present, and possible future directions. Both technologies are developing very fast with most tech giants competing in the hardware and software research and markets. The possibilities and limitations of various hardware and software systems with a few examples will be presented. In addition, dr. Fominykh will point to resources where to learn how to develop applications using these technologies.  


Mikhail Fominykh is a researcher, developer and enthusiast in the area of technology-enhanced learning. Mikhail holds a researcher position at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology - NTNU, Norway. At NTNU and previously at other organizations, Mikhail has been working as a project coordinator or as a technical coordinator in several nationally- and EU-funded projects, including Virtual InternshipAR-FOR-EU, DC4LT, and DETEL.

Mikhail developed an original Augmented Reality training concept, which was implemented in the Horizon 2020 WEKIT project (2015-2019), working as a project manager at Europlan UK ltd, UK. Mikhail continues the development of the WEKIT idea as one of the directors at a tech startup WEKIT Experience Capturing Solutions, Ireland.

In 2012, Mikhail received a PhD degree from the Faculty of Information Technology, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering at NTNU, Norway.

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