Research Class: Social network analysis

Datum održavanja: 25. studenog 2021. u 12:00 sati u učionici O-357 uz online prijenos
Predavač: Milan Petrović, Odjel za informatiku, Sveučilište u Rijeci
Naziv predavanja: Social network analysis


Social networks are networks in which, a node represents an individual actor and the link between two nodes represent the relationship between these two individuals. Depending on the domain and task networks can be constructed as directed or undirected and weighted or unweighted. Social networks analysis or social interaction networks (SIN) analysis is the application of complex networks in the analysis of living beings and their relations.

Social interaction network analysis which is based on defining the dynamics of interactions between individuals in a group has been used to gain insights into the formation, dynamics, and function of group structure. Network analysis has been successfully applied for the analysis of the effectiveness of task allocation and information flow in social networks. The application of network analysis can be used as a tool to find patterns of behaviour within groups of animals of indifferent species and thus it can help to observe changes in relationships within the group that occur under a particular external or internal influence and understand behaviour on a wider scale.

In this lecture, two use cases of the application of social media analysis will be presented. In each case, the processes are presented in order from data collection and processing, followed by interpretation of data for the creation of complex networks. And finally, the analysis of the same and the results. The first example is the analysis of Drosophila melanogaster behaviour in groups under the influence of psychostimulants. The second example is the analysis of content from Twitter as part of the InfoCoV project.



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