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Business Class: From good to great - Social processes in groups and organizations

Datum i mjesto održavanja: ponedjeljak, 3. lipnja 2024., s početkom u 14:00 h u učionici O-028
Predavač: dr. sc. Petar Turčinović
Naziv radionice: From good to great: Social processes in groups and organizations
Jezik predavanja: Hrvatski jezik

Sažetak radionice:
Don't settle for good – strive for greatness. In this lecture/workshop/simulation students will explore the path an individual and/or group could take to differentiate themselves from others according to the credo of professor Turčinović “Helping good people become great”. The processes within teams and organizations will be discussed and selected findings within social and organizational psychology will be presented that must be considered in IT teams and organizations if they are to become exceptional. Examples and suggestions of great practice will be given for individual, group and organization level and a few no time-consuming demonstrations/simulations will be presented. The link between successful handling of group dynamics and profitability will be the bottom line in this lecture. Participants will be invited to comment, improve, and discuss the given suggestions.

Životopisi predavača:

Petar is an experienced professor, ambassador, consultant, and businessman educated in psychology, entrepreneurship, political science, and with a hobby in information science. As recipient of various awards, he singles out Fulbright Award as the starter in his career.

His lecturing experience includes 30 university institutions including Harvard University, Brown University, New Mexico State University, State University of Moscow, Foreign Affairs Institute at New Delhi, China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, Diplomatic Academy in Vienna etc. Petar has lectured in Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Change Management, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Management, Branding, Psychometrics, Statistics, Group Dynamics, Communication, EU Identity, Diplomacy, Strategy Development, Stereotypes, Diplomatic Skills, and other topics.

He has served as a Head of Diplomatic Academy in Croatia, Head of Laboratory of Social Psychology, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia, Dean of the Faculty for International Relations and Diplomacy, Co-director of International Postgraduate Study "Social Psychology: Conflict Resolution”, Director of Program for Education of Managers (PUMA) in Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP), Croatian Ambassador to Montenegro etc. As a consultant he has worked with United Nations, Holcim, Pliva, DORH, OSCE, American Express, Lura, World Bank, MSI - Management System International, Adriadiesel and other organizations.

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