Business cooperation

The Department has a wealth of experience in cooperating with state administration and business entities on introducing information technology into business systems (through the development of information systems and services), and offers consulting services in the same domain. It is especially important to point out the specialised methodology for information systems development - MIRIS. Over the years, the researchers from the Department have participated on over 30 projects, developing information systems in various firms (HRT, Croatia osiguranje, Croatia banka, ZGH).Information systems development methodology has been applied in a number of domains: shipbuilding, banking, insurance, trade, social welfare, production, television, state administration and civil engineering.

Rijeka region firms with which the Department has established an effective cooperation include: RIS d.o.o., Amdosoft d.o.o., iOlap d.o.o, Karpos d.o.o.

Professional projects

In addition to scientific projects, the Department of Informatics also participates on professional projects within the fields of information systems development (PLAS, ISAP, SMARTY), advanced computing technologies (NVIDIA CUDA Teaching Center), informatics and computer science education, e-learning and advanced teaching technologies (e-course development projects).

The projects which are carried out in cooperation with the business sector and aim at developing and advancing business applications (through educational programmes) include:

  • SMARTY - Smart MARina TechnologY (system for locating and protecting ships in a marina)
  • ISAP (business functions analysis and preparation of design documentation for the development of business application software of the client firm)
  • PLAS (analysis of an existing application software, as well as business function of the client firm)

The Department of Informatics is partner with NVIDIA, one of the world leading companies in producing graphic processors for heterogeneous parallel computer systems. As part of the partnership programme CUDA Teaching Center, NVIDIA has donated graphic processors which are used for research and teaching purposes.

With regards to domestic projects, those within the field of education are financed by the University of Rijeka. These small-scale projects aimed at the development of e-courses have contributed to improving course content and teaching methods at the following Department of Informatics courses:

  • Development of e-course Computer Networks 2
  • Development of e-course Computer Organisation and Architecture
  • Development project for e-course Programming 1
  • Development project for e-course Programming
  • Development of e-course Dynamic Web Applications 1
  • Development of e-course Intelligent Systems